Editor’s choice. Best nasal pillow 2016


The fortunate part of CPAP nowadays is choice.  During CPAP’s infancy, masks were almost one-size-fit-all sort of strategy.  Masks were big and bulky and created compliance issues.   With time, however, masks have become more user friendly and comfortable.  This is our choice for top CPAP nasal pillow.

Nasal CPAP use is now so very common.  We have to remember that the first CPAP machine was invented circa 1981 by Australian Colin Sullivan and his team. The idea was pretty basic and was inspired by the idea of reversing how a vacuum cleaner works.   Since then, CPAP machines have become much more modern compared to their older models: they are less noisy, more comfortable and easier to use.  Masks have also become more modern.  There are three basic modes of CPAP masks: nasal pillows, nasal masks, and full face mask.  Many patients enjoy nasal pillows most, but which is the best?

Well  there is no easy answer.  Nasal pillows, as with other masks, are really dependent on patients.  So there is really no consensus, however this is our choice:

The Aloha Nasal Pillows System is not a new mask but it is one of the best.  The folks of Devilbiss really paid special detail on design of the nasal pillow interface. It is lightweight and quiet.  The design offers stable and comfortable seal. Wide-set headgear provides limited points of contact on the face and no interference with the eyes.  Really the best part of the mask is the facial strap.  As you can see in the image to the left, the strap dips down then up to the head set.  This is beneficial as it keeps the straps from riding up into the eyes.

Overall our editors give this mask a 4.2/5 stars.  Its not a new mask but it really does the job.  Price is around $60-80.