Smallest travel CPAP? Airmini by Resmed.


Until recently the smallest CPAP machines were the Z1 Auto and the Transcend.  In a previous post we compared these innovative machines.   Now ResMed is getting in the game with the AirMini, and they are saying it is now the world’s smallest continuous positive airway pressure device.

ResMed’s AirMini has been approved by the FDA and is set to be launched later this year.  The machine is being advertised as a secondary machine so we assume it would not handle the strain of being your primary machine.

“ResMed AirMini is the portable travel CPAP patients and home medical equipment providers have been waiting for, and we look forward to bringing it to market later this year,” said ResMed CEO, Mick Farrell. “It fits easily in carry-on luggage – even in the seatback pocket on the plane–and delivers all the best-in-class comfort features patients need to get the best sleep.”

We will have to see how the Airmini compares to the more established mini CPAPs.  We will keep our eyes open for pricing and availability.  We also don’t know if there will be an APAP version of the machine.  Stay tuned for more information.